Seaoil Nigeria Ltd Our Commitment and Quality Assurance

Seaoil Nigeria Ltd believes that "an application of a very efficient system in any operation at its optimum level, can only be achieved with a strategy that includes the right compensation of skill (i.e an experienced and well qualified staff) and an applied efficient functional system i.e plants/equipment, materials, finance and logistics.) This facilitates guarantees the achievement of the operations planned anticipated out-put."

Since Science and Technology is for the betterment of mankind and for the actualization of man operation dreams, Seaoil Nigeria Ltd has taken up the challenge in the actualization of these by bringing concepts into reality through planning, logistics, construction manpower development and infrastructural development activities etc. with reliable results. Hence, we always stand-out in all our operations facets to give our valued clients an on-the-budget delivery, satisfaction, and an actualization of their plans/vision/expectations for every capital projects.

Seaoil Nigeria Ltd is presently registered as contractors and carries out operation in such services as listed in our Services Pages with government parastatal, corporate/private individuals, Oil/Gas industries etc.

The operational management of Sea Oil Nigeria Ltd has been well focused and determined to offer to our numerous valued clients, component, efficient and reliable manpower, infrastructure, marine, onshore/offshore, logistics and procurement services that will minimize their capital cost and operating budget expenses.

Our operating philosophy wherein our services are tap-rooted simply in listening to our client's problems and desire, respond positively to them with the effective/expected solutions. The applications of effective Projects Management System coupled with the use of qualified/seasoned professional staffs that have become versatile and proficient in their various fields, disciplines and have known their jobs in the course of executing challenging prospective projects.

With this proven performance Sea Oil Nigeria Ltd has been carrying on successful business operations with the government, multinational, corporate and private organization/individuals. We are also endowed with in addition of the use of qualified, highly experienced and dedicated staff-the engagement of conventional approaches/equipment, as well as affiliated local and international bodies/support and relevant resources, in the execution of our projects. Hence, we have built a reputable, reliable and capable company in the field areas here-in state above.

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Procurement & Logistics

Seaoil Nigeria dedicated recruitment specialist works closely with our client to ensure we understand the organizational and technical details of any new assignment..

Manpower Training & Recruitment

Seaoil Nigeria’s procurement organization provides clients with global procurement resources, processes, systems, market knowledge, and volume-leveraged..

Marine Services

Seaoil Nigeria Ltd offers Marine services which are port-related activities conducted to ensure the safe and expeditious flow of vessel traffic in port approaches..

Upcoming Global Events

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Offshore Northern Seas (ONS)

29th Aug to 1st Sep 2016
Stavanger, Norway.

Oil and Gas Exhibition (KIOGE)

4th Oct to 7th Oct, 2016  
Almaty, Kazakhstan

RIO OIL & GAS 2016

24th Oct to 27th Oct, 2016
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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